The Lottery Mindset

You might not be surprised that most successful people don’t buy lottery.

It’s not that they are already successful that’s why they don’t need the prize. Neither is it because they have no time to buy. Who would mind winning a couple of millions (more)? Not even the wealthiest people in the world.

The reason when you look at the lottery queue, it’s hard to see any successful people is because people who indulge in buying the lottery simply don’t think like how successful people think. Yes, it’s the mindset.

When you buy lottery three times a week, it’s clear what you possess is a mindset that relies heavily on that big break and you believe that success can be achieved with 100 percent luck. Well, queueing up at the lottery stand doesn’t count as hard work. However, successful people think completely different. Success don’t come from the lottery booth. Success comes from their own actions.

If you want to become successful, you must stop thinking like most people. Rather, you must start to think like how successful people think.

Instead of wishing to stumble across a magic lamp, start finding your purpose, set big goals, and work diligently and consistently towards achieving them.

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