Listening to Our Parents

Should you listen to your parents? Ask yourself, “are they who I want to be?” For example, if you desire to be a successful entrepreneur, should you listen to them? Or, should you listen to people who have real entrepreneurship results to show. The answer? Listen to both.

Of course, you should listen to those who have made it in the path you desire to take. But don’t forget, there’s no other people in the world that love you and will protect your life with theirs. The problem is that our parents’ love for us will always be inclined towards prioritizing our safety more than anything else, even if that means us giving up our goals and dreams because there are no meaningful goals and dreams that have no risk. All meaningful goals and dreams have risks but it is up to us to mitigate them and increase our chance of success.

There’s someone who you should listen the most and that’s you. This is especially true if you’re not a child anymore. A child needs to listen to his parents because there are real dangers in the world. If a child crosses a road or fall off the stairs, the consequences could be catastrophic and irrevocable. But if you’re already an adult, or even a teenager, you need to start listening to yourself. Successful people take ownership in their decision. That means that ultimately if the decision turns out bad, they don’t look left and right for someone to blame. They simply own it.

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