Be Kind(est) to Ourselves

Selfish means you care for yourself the most. You only think about yourself, and there’s nothing wrong about that. There’s a negative connotation to the word and that’s probably why most people distant themselves away from its association.

I can be selfish and selfless as the same time. In fact perhaps, for us to be selfless, we must be selfish first. In another words, selfless and selfish often work in tandem to elevate their master to a greater level. The problem? Since most people don’t want to be selfish, they struggle to be selfless as well.

Often, we want to help others but we end up giving too much of ourselves away. To avoid burning out, we need to practice self-love. We need to be kind to ourselves. We need to put ourselves ahead of everyone else.

When the going gets tough, slow down. Take a pause. Ground yourself. Buy yourself a good dinner and disconnect with the world for a moment. Take your time. Not to rush. Find back your smile and things will, more often than not, straighten itself out.

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