One With the Moment

Before you sleep, you think of the things you need to do tomorrow. When you wake up, you think of getting up, brushing your teeth, and everything else but being in one with the moment, the actual process of waking up.

When you’re brushing your teeth, your mind is occupied with what’s for breakfast. When you’re having breakfast you’re thinking of your work.

When you’re working you’re thinking of logging off. When you’re on your way back home, on the metro, you’re thinking about dinner.

When you’re having dinner, you’re probably thinking about what show to catch on Netflix after dinner. When you’re watching Netflix, you’re thinking about going to sleep and about the activities for the following day. And the next day repeats itself.

As you can see, it’s not easy to be one with the moment. Even for seasoned practitioners, this can be a “problem”. It’s normal. After all, we’re accustomed to planning ahead of time. The drawback of this is that our mind and intentions will constantly be on the next activity rather than actually living in the moment.

Some people go through their entire lives never actually experiencing being one with the moment. Being conscious about being in one with the moment makes every moment more cherished and meaningful, enhancing every experiences we’re blessed with.

Try slowing down a little. Read a book. Paint a picture. Practice calligraphy. Listen to the river flows and watch the birds feed. Only by slowing down, we can appreciate the beautiful things we are blessed with. Next time when you have your family with you, or when you’re out in the nature, try putting aside all your thoughts and all the have-to’s.

Consciously spend that moment to put your phone aside and listen to the sound of nature. Pay attention to what your loved ones are doing and how they are feeling. Hug them and be grateful that at this very moment, they are safe, peaceful and by your side.

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