Me and Blogging Every Day

I started with a goal of writing a post a day. This was positively influenced to me by best-selling author, motivational speaker, and prominent businessman, Seth Godin. He, who has released 20 bestsellers is one who writes a blog post a day and has been doing it consecutively for more than 7,000 days.

I am inspired by his reason to do so. He said that we should be inspired to blog everyday because blogging everyday means we are encouraging ourselves to be consistent and to develop a good habit of thinking creatively and producing content on a daily basis, which is a foundation for achieving success.

Of course, over time, I found various reasons not to blog every day. Blogging every day means that my ideas could dry up and become stale. Blogging every day means I have less time and energy to write my books. Blogging every day means I have to force myself to create for the sake of creating. Blogging every day could also lead me to, along with my enthusiasm, burn out. All of the above-mentioned are valid reasons. But could they possibly be excuses as well?

If you haven’t noticed yet, like my love for blogging has quite evidently been rekindled over the past few weeks. I have been consistently posting a blog a day and the benefits are obvious. Blogging on a daily basis has helped me become more active and intentional in my writing as a whole. It has complemented my work on my books as well. It has helped triggered many thoughts and ideas that can be implemented in not just my work, but my life too.

Ideas are one of the most important things to an author and to have them flowing inwards in abundance is definitely something that must be welcomed with open arms.

4 thoughts on “Me and Blogging Every Day

  1. I don’t produce publishable content every day (e.g. for the blog), but I do write every day, and I have to agree that our habits do make us, and the more we practise something, the more we grow in that area. That allows us to branch out even more and to further our craft. Here’s to everyday practice!

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