Don’t Oversleep (Even If You Could)

Set alarm clock every time before you go to sleep. Tell yourself what time do you want to wake up, and wake up at that time. You may want to give yourself sufficient sleep time, which experts tend to agree on a good, uninterrupted seven or eight hours.

Waking up is an oft-undermined activity. We get used to waking up naturally that we tend to take it for granted. But waking up is indeed important, perhaps even one of the most important activity for us. How does a passive waking up regiment can hurt you? You start the day passive, your day will be passive. Successful people, people who live their lives with meaning and purpose, are always proactive, not passive.

You can or rather, you must, be kind to yourself, especially at the beginning. Go ahead and snooze a little. We want to be disciplined but we don’t want to make end up becoming rigid. Waking up shouldn’t feel like a torture to you either. Push yourself if you need to. The funny thing about pushing yourself is that if your mindset is right, you wouldn’t feel that it’s tedious. But if your mindset is not right (yet), you will feel as if everything in the universe is going against you.

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