George Orwell’s 1984 is a story about a totalitarian society where its people are under constant watch and any form of opposition or criticism will be met with severe, and rather cruel, consequences.

Franz Kafka’s Amerika is about a man who went to USA but often found himself being forced to do things that were against his wish and also having to be constantly abused by people who are more powerful than him.

Kafka’s The Trial is another interesting story about a man being ridiculously arrested and forced to stand trial without even knowing what wrongs had he committed.

The 2019 film, Vivarium, is a film about an everyday couple, with their everyday dream of owning a home, being led to a newly developed neighborhood and found themselves perpetually stuck inside it. As they continued to try to find a way out, they were “given” new challenges with the supposed prize of being freed.

Soylent Green is a 1973 dystopian film where some day in the future, overpopulation and climate change will result in a severe food shortage. The upper class will be able to continue to live in luxury while the suffering lower class had to live their daily lives in deprivation.

Stepford Wives is a film (and book) about men who wanted their wife to be more subservient to them, resorted to having them “altered” and “reprogrammed” to their satisfaction.

Sadly, I must say that most of these stories aren’t really just fictional.

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