The Truman Show Came True

The Truman Show is one of the most ahead-of-time films ever produced. Truman Burbank is an everyday guy who’s daily activities are clandestinely filmed and broadcasted live to everyone around the world to watch. Come to think about it, that’s rather depressing, isn’t it?

The Truman Show is also one of my favorites. I am highly intrigued by it. Don’t forget that The Truman Show was released back in 1998, a good 24 years ago. Think about it, today everyone is living their own version of The Truman Show, broadcasting their own lives via the myriad of social media options for the world to see.

Social media is indeed a double-edged sword. How amazing it is that we can literally share our good work with the world by a press of a button. Yet, on the other hand, people become so over obsessed with their likes and follower count that nothing else matter and if they don’t get to their desired figures, they end up with an unhealthy level of exasperation and depression.

Well, like it or not, The Truman Show kind of life is here to stay. This is the social media era. Restricting ourselves entirely would be counterintuitive. It’s imperative for us to use social media to complement to our life. However, social media should never become our life.

6 thoughts on “The Truman Show Came True

  1. Oh yeah, that show had an interesting premise for sure, and it’s interesting to see how different we live now compared to those times. Social media can be useful but it can also be a detriment to our minds and our time. Thanks for this post!

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