Working Past Sleep Time

It’s 2.03am now. I just came back from a jog. Why am I still bothered about blogging especially at this time? You see, my family is sleeping. The night is cooling. I am feeling motivated and committed to my writing. It is not only between 9 to 5 we can work. We can work anytime and it is important for us to realize that.

We can’t just be productive for the eight hours society expects us to be. If we think like that, like most people, we will be doomed to a life of mediocrity. If that’s what you want, I am wondering why are you still reading this post? Why are you even doing at my website?

Escape the gravity of conventionality. Conquer the boundaries of possibilities.

In my book, The Aim for the Moon Mindset, I wrote on the importance of finding our purpose. When you have identified your purpose in life, you will find yourself so excited that you will be working past sleep time and waking up even before your alarm clock rings. Our life purpose is our lighthouse that guides us when we are confused. It is the compass that gives us a direction when we are lost.

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