Most People Breathe But Don’t Feel Alive

Don’t we all love to have that perfectly manicured life we see, hear, and read about on the internet and (social) media?

We study hard. Not just academically but also spiritually as well. We learn about religions to keep ourselves from going astray. We learn from people who teach about all kinds of skills and philosophies – investing, programming, cooking, self-improvement, minimalism, Zen, etc. And that’s perfectly fine.

But have you ever spent a few moments to think and ask yourself if you have neglected ‘living’ itself? You see, most people, in the pursuit of improving their life, had committed the mistake of not actually spending the time to live. This can actually be linked to one of my (favorite) quotes – Don’t go through your entire life only to realize that you have actually forgotten to live.

How do you actually live? Ironically, I’m finding it kind of absurd to be laying out this question but I also believe that most people hadn’t really think deep into it before. While we’re hustling and bustling towards our daily obligations, we should spend some time to identify our goals and dreams. We should also be clear about our purpose and passion in life. Once we have gotten them figured out, we can then become more intentional in living in alignment with them.

We must also consciously take some time out of our busy schedule to go out to nature and be be in one with it and with the moment. The key word? Consciously. If we aren’t conscious about it, we will only keep sitting on it and find ourselves never really making time for it.

‘It is clear that our bodies still recognize nature as our home, which is important to consider as increasing numbers of people are living in cities and urban developments,’ says Professor Yoshifumi Miyazaki, Deputy Director of the Centre for Environment Health and Field Sciences at Chiba University (Beth Kempton, Wabi Sabi). I really resonated with this passage since I’m a city dweller who spends a lot of time in the concrete jungle, I can constantly feel my body and soul screaming out, pleading for me to bring it back to be among the trees and river where it rightfully came from.

What is living without success and what is success without living? As you can see, both are equally important and should work in tandem to serve and complement your life. Remember, surely, there are rules to follow in life but it’s also important to constantly be reminded to be kind to ourselves and not be too uptight about them and forget to actually live.

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