My Blog and My Inspiration

This blog that you are reading right now was started during the start of Covid. It’s actually closing in on its second year and that is something which I am really proud of.

Back then, like many others, my employer sent us all back to work from home. With extra time to spare, I decided to commit myself to reading. I thought to myself, “If I could just read a book a month, I would actually be reading 12 books a year!” To many, this number may sound amusingly unremarkable but to someone who had read zero to two books a year previously, it’s already quite an achievement. I believe I ended that year, 2020, with around 50-60 books. Along the way, I also started a business and written a book (with 3 more on the way). I have also committed more to improving not just my purpose and happiness in life, but also on my physical health as well. My biggest joy is to see people around me being positively influenced to work and live in congruent with the passion and their purpose.

Committing to this blog, this website, isn’t the easiest thing. I could still remember who actually influenced me to do so. Among many, I must say that the person is Seth Godin. Seth is a successful businessman, blogger, author of 20 best-selling books, motivational speaker and many more. And what about him that had greatly impacted me is that he had written at least a blog post a day for more than 7,000 days and he is committed to continuing it. How many people, bloggers, are as committed as Seth? Really few, almost none. That’s what separate successful people from the pretenders. Of course, we can argue about the quality of his posts. Are they all of high quality?

I doubt so. But that’s not the point. The point of creating a post a day is all about inculcating that all important consistency. After all, consistency is fundamental to generating compound interest and compound interest, according to Albert Einstein (or at least widely attributed to him) is the most powerful force in the world. Also, in order to be successful, we need to constantly encourage ourselves to spark creativity and blogging every day helps by forcing, or getting ourselves used to, creating content on a daily basis.

This requires us to think, to find, and to produce work that are innovative and inspiring that can catch people’s attention and touch people’s life.

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