Commit and Succeed

Everybody wants success – more money, fame, houses, power, etc. – but what separates those who are serious from the pretenders is – Commitment. Words are cheap. That’s why unsuccessful people talk a lot but have little to show. Yes, they want more success but when you ask them if they can work fifteen minutes longer or wake up thirty minutes earlier, they will start generating all kinds of excuses why they can’t.

I can’t blame them. It’s not easy to commit. But we also must realize that if that’s it, then we really can’t expect too much of any changes, or improvements, in our life and fortune. I always say success isn’t about our 9 to 5, but our 5 to 9. People question, “What? Just four hours?” No, that’s actually 5pm to 9am. Most people are so accustomed to believing that they can only work from 9 to 5 but in fact, there’s a whole lot of 16 hours ready for us to tap into. If you can train yourself to see outside your existing constraints, you will discover that there’s so much more you can accomplish.

Acknowledge your dreams. Identify your purpose and passion in life. Set big goals and commit yourself to them because the universe always reward people who dares to commit.

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