Honestly, Honesty is Overrated

Perhaps your religion say you must be honest always. Perhaps your parents taught you that. Perhaps you learned that in school.

Of course, it’s the easiest thing to say. Be honest. Tell the truth. Don’t lie. Don’t hide. Don’t lie because when you lie, you’ll start a vicious cycle of having to find a lie to cover the earlier lie. Don’t lie because you must live in alignment with your own integrity.

But in life, it’s isn’t always so perfect. I can be honest, but being honest is always dependent on the person we are conversing with.

Sometimes, we can afford ourselves to “lie” when we see two ruffians, baseball bats in hand, chasing a weaker person across the street and ask if you have seen that person. Perhaps, pointing the other direction in such situations isn’t that unacceptable after all.

Sometimes, we can afford ourselves to “lie” when someone we love is lying very sick on the bed and ask us a question that we know when answered in honesty, they wouldn’t be able to take it. That’s a white lie and… and… maybe it’s okay to tell it once in a while, depending on the situation.

Or perhaps, maybe we can afford ourselves to “lie” when we simply deem some fools not worthy of our time and our honesty – “yea, I guess you’re right,” when you’re really rolling your eyes on the inside.

Honesty is very much dependent on both (or more) parties. If someone who had betrayed your trust before or have proven time and time again that it is better to brush him off with a half-truth or even a lie, I believe it is necessary for us to exercise a little bit of intentions and intelligence rather than continue to blindly feed them our highly valuable honesty like some cheap chicken feed.

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