The Secret About Money

Legendary motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, once said that money only amplifies what you already are. If you are evil, it will make you become a terror. But if you’re a kind person, it’ll make you even more of an angel. Therefore, money is not evil. I believe this is the best explanation of money I’ve ever heard.

It is no question that everyone wants more money. If someone says otherwise, he is either lying or he is really rich. And if someone indicates to you that money isn’t that important, he is probably the one signing your paycheck.

Everyone wants money but have you ever wondered if money wants you? Yes, even money practices democracy too. The reasons for our desire for money are obvious. It gives us freedom and security. It allows us to satisfy our materialistic needs as well. Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you an attractive enough prospect for money to choose you? I’m not just referring to your physical looks. What about your mindset? Are you a person of high financial intelligence and prudency, or will money just be passed around like loose tissue paper once it reaches your grasp?

Here’s the secret about money. Money loves to multiply. If you are someone who enjoys putting them to work, to be invested, they will be happy to come to you. You cannot put them on contraceptive. You must give them your blessings to reproduce. Only then, they will start making more babies for you.

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