What Time You Wake Up Determines Your Success

Most people wake up at 6, brush their teeth, wash up, leave home, grab a cup of coffee and a sandwich on the way to their office and begin their work day. Does that sound familiar?

Successful people (always) do things a little different. They wake up a little earlier, 5am. Some, even 4. Then they go for a jog around the neighborhood before they come home to prepare to start their day. I am sure you have heard of the 5am club. Waking up at 5am isn’t just about the exercise. In fact, going for a jog, or going to the gym, is just a small part of it. You can even choose to practice calligraphy, meditate or write a blog if you want to. The key is in the waking up itself.

Think about it, when you decide to overcome all the excuses there are to not wake up – tired, sleep late, not feeling well, bad weather, you have a long meeting later, etc. – that itself already shows how much you want to succeed. It has already shown how much willpower and mental determination you have in you that, when sustained, will elevate you to the level of success that most people can only dream of.

I have a client who once told me many years ago, “Even if you don’t feel like doing, just put on your jogging shoes and go see what happens.” Those words have never left my mind. There is a magical feeling when you realize that you are already awake and putting in the hard work and dedication while others are still sleeping in the comfort of their soft mattress. The universe likes to reward people like that.

This isn’t meant to be a diss on others. I don’t really care about others. My only intention is to push you and if nobody push you, push yourself.

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