Why You Shouldn’t Hit Your Goals

Since young, we are taught to hit our goals. If we don’t, we’re immediately labelled a failure. We’ll be accused for being unreliable and unaccountable.

Unbeknownst to many, this has resulted in people fearing to set big goals. Why? Because the bigger the goals, the harder to hit. And if they don’t hit, they risk being mocked at. They risk being finger-pointed. And they risk being called a loser. Ouch!

So, what do they do? They set small, tiny, achievable goals. So easy that they hit them effortlessly everytime. So, what’s the problem? Hitting our goals is great, right? Not really. You see, small goals inspire no one. Hitting small goals means that you will continue to stay deprived and that’s the epitome of self-delusional. You hold a party to celebrate but returns to who you exactly were before the very next day.

Goals are not target boards but springboards to propel you to greater heights. The only way to set goals is that they should be big. They should excite you. They should inspire you. They should motivate you enough to take massive actions, which will inevitably leads you to massive success in life. The secret of goal-setting is not so much about the big figure that you have to hit, but rather, how the big figure pushes you to take the kinds of action that you’ll never imagine yourself taking if those goals weren’t put in place.

Think about it, would you be disappointed if you set a million dollars goal but achieve just eight or nine hundred thousand. I’m not sure about you but if I were to achieve just eight of nine hundred thousand everytime I set a one million dollars goal, I will be happy to keep setting a few more of them until the day I die.

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