Hustle is a film about a talented player, an unpolished gem, with the help of a wash-upped basketball scout, work his way to achieving his goal of becoming an NBA player.

Being an NBA player isn’t easy. There are only 450 slots. That means there are many thousands more waiting in the wings, fighting for a place in that elite group that comes with a lucrative contract, which starts with a minimum of almost a million dollars, on top of other rewards like fame and endorsements.

[Spoiler Alert]

Of course, it isn’t easy. Talents alone will not take you to the top. That’s what the protagonist discovered in the film. Along the way, he was met with roadblocks after roadblocks. And the only way to succeed, like everything else in life, is to combine it with hard work.

While you’re on your journey to success, you’re going to meet a lot of adversities. People are going to hate on you. Thrash-talk you. They are going to put hurdles and hurdles in front of you. A momentary mental collapse could derail all your earlier progress. But you must always be reminded of why you even bother to start in the first place. What is the motivation that took you so far?

I always enjoy a Adam Sandler, sports-themed, inspirational movie and I definitely encourage you to watch it on Netflix now.

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