Appreciating Life

While we’re attending to the hustles and bustles in our day to day lives, it’s inevitable that we will overlook the importance of our life itself. After all, most people are earning a pittance and struggling with expenses, what rights do they have to even talk about life? What rights do they have to even talk about living?

You see, that’s exactly how most people think. They have indeed succumbed to the pressure of our society. Is life about working our socks off so we can one day afford the big houses and cars? There’s nothing wrong with buying big houses and cars. What’s wrong is when they become our only focus in life (along with all the other material goods). A contented person doesn’t mean he must be poor. A contented person also doesn’t mean he has to resign himself to a life of deprivation. In fact, a contented person can be the richest person in the world and have all the fulfillments in life, be it materialistically or spiritually.

To truly appreciate life, we must learn to slow down. Yes, work when we need to work but cater some time each day to observe and be in one with the moment. Perhaps you have an environment of relative comfort that you can be in while you’re working or relaxing. Or perhaps you have your loved ones with you, happy and healthy. Yes, start with appreciating those. If we don’t appreciate the things that we already have, then we will have to someday accept that we are going lose them since what we don’t appreciate are usually what we take for granted and what we take for granted, we will forfeit.

We can’t truly appreciate life if we don’t learn to love people either. Show gratitude and kindness to the people around you. While showing gratitude and kindness to others, don’t forget to show gratitude and kindness to yourself as well. Eat well, sleep well, live and work in alignment with your purpose in life, and remember to pamper yourself once in a while. Life is always going to be busy but nothing should prevent us for taking a pause to admire what nature has blessed us with – trees, birds, rain, wind, fresh air, sea, and even a quiet evening alone.

When we cherish our life, it is when we will want to give our best to it. And that is a good start to finding a good reason to work hard and make sacrifices so we can achieve success and share the abundance in us with the rest of the world.

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