What’s Life

We’re born as babies. Grow up. Go to school. Learn a bunch of “useful” subjects. Go to some more schools. Graduate. Go to work. Start a family. Aim for retirement. But have we ever wondered what’s the point of all this? What’s the point of our existence? What’s the purpose of life?

Why are we even here? Few people bother to ask themselves this. After all, it’s quite a deep topic to dwell into and choosing to participate will probably make you go round in circles and ending up even more confused than before.

But it’s important to find out the answer. Hey, we are clearly curious creatures, you know? Human beings have never hesitated to go to world’s end (and beyond) to get them. We’ve flown to the moon. Voyager 1 has left the solar system. We’re consistent in our pursuit for more answers of our history through our never-ending scientific and archaeological explorations.

While the big players continue to indulge in their studies, I’ll let you in on my personal opinions, perspectives, and discoveries on the subject of life. No doubt, we are all here for a major purpose. You must never doubt that the universe will go through all the hassles to get you here. No Way! Everything you see has a purpose. The trees. The flowers. The sun. The stars. The squirrel climbing up the tree. The birds soaring in the sky. And how could we, the brightest species of all, believe that we are just passing through life to end up safely at death?

The best thing about life is that everyone has a choice. Yes, we all have our limitations. Some have more choices than others but we all do have choices and it is up to us to find out what our purpose in life is. Even though there can be many paths that we can choose to take, our purpose will always be governed by these 3 rules: 1) It must always be your own. 2) It must always be big. 3) It must always be for the greater good.

In our daily battles with distractions and temptations, we tend to lose focus to live and work in alignment with our purpose. Straying from it will cause you to gradually lose your own direction and identity, which will probably cause you to end up with a perpetual feeling of sadness and anxiety. However, if you can live in alignment with your purpose, you will wake up everyday with an excitement as if you’re ready to conquer the world.

Remember, you’re just a vessel. You’re here to ship your great work to make the world a better place. You’re here to improve the lives of others. You’re here to bring smiles to the people around you. A vessel that doesn’t ship anything will always be deprived of its very purpose.

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