In case you don’t know, writing is my passion. It is not just my passion, it is also, without exaggeration, my purpose in life.

Writing is quite a lost art. How many people still write? Type, yes. Write, rarely. Ironically, we can complete “writing” an entire book without needing to pick up the pen even once.

Writing (the real one) is an amazing experience. There is something special about picking up a good pen and putting it to paper. This is especially evident at a time of everything digital. The world is moving too fast and it’s pretty clear that people are realizing it. That explains the resurgence of vinyl music and the minimalism and zen way of living.

Writing, to me, is a therapeutic process. Journaling is something I do everyday. As human beings, we yearn to be understood. That is why we communicate with others, be it for the purpose of sharing or explaining. But has it ever occurred to you that it is as important for you to talk to yourself as it is to talk to others? Think about how much clarity about yourself you will become after months and years of doing so.

These days, I spend a major part of them writing. Not just books and journals but also rekindling my love for Chinese calligraphy. All these clearly help me reconnect with myself, the moment, and the universe.

Your writing is unique. Your handwriting is unique. Your thoughts are unique. Don’t forsaken it because I can assure you it will never forsaken you.

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