“Be confident. Be confident.”

We’ve all heard it countless times. Of course we must be confident. Who doesn’t know that. Who doesn’t know confidence will lead us to positive results in the things we do? But how? Not everybody is a people’s magnet who exudes charisma the moment they walk into a room. In fact, most people are not just lack of confidence but also direly lack of self-esteem, which is quite sad.

There are many ways to increase self-confidence, especially for people who have confidence problems. First, increase your knowledge and just try to expand your horizons. You want to know more. Know deep. Know far. Because the more you know, the more confident you will be. It’s true. If your boss is to ask you to do a presentation about an unfamiliar work process, you might find it pressurizing and scared to do so. But if you were to ask to give a speech about the things that you are truly passionate about, you should find comfort in knowing that you’ll likely going to be doing a good job at that.

Secondly, do it. Because the more experience you accumulate, the more confident you’re going to be. I can assure you that. Imagine having to do or say the same, or similar, things for the 100th time. I am sure you’re going to blow your audience away because you’re going to be the best, and most experienced, person in the room to do it.

Thirdly, confidence can be achieved by results. Whoever has got the best results will have the best confidence. On the other hand, people with poor results often try their best to stay out of the limelight.

And lastly, the next time you have an opportunity to lead, grab it. This is because the universe always rewards those who voluntarily step up to become a leader. Calling ourselves leaders aren’t arrogant, as some would call it. Arrogant people think they’re the best. Confident people know they’re the best. Leaders are those who will always say, “Winning shot or losing shot just give me the damn ball.”

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