The secret of success is in our dreams. You see, when you dream, you believe. When you believe, you take actions. And when you take actions, things happen. Success happens.

Some people believe in their dreams but don’t succeed and immediately conclude that dreams don’t work. It’s not true. The reason why it didn’t work is only because they dream too soft and too short. Soft and short dreams don’t inspire anything or anyone. For dreams to work, they must be hard and long.

Most people are scared of their dreams. If you don’t have, or if you don’t believe in your dreams, you will help someone else who believe in theirs to achieve theirs. Faith is the bridge that takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

Dreamers are those who achieve immense success in their lives. The moon landing. The Great Wall of China. The Pyramids of Giza. They all happened because someone was willing to dream. Are you?

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