Human Herd

Franz Kafka’s The Trial is a story about a man, K., who is being arrested out of the blue and forced to stand for trial without knowing why even.

K. go through the days trying to find out more and find out ways that can help him succeed in winning this absurd situation he was thrown into.

I had a dream last night. I invited my friends over and they turned into creatures. They didn’t do any harm to me. In fact, they didn’t even realized they have metamorphosized into creatures.

Often, we become somebody, or something, and we don’t even realized that. Every morning, we, along with our vast and dismal human herd head to the subway or the highway to exchange one third of our life to do something that we absolutely abhors.

Unfortunately, we have to continue to subject ourselves to it. After all, as the legendary French novelist, Émile Zola, wrote, “nobody had yet invented a way of living without food.”

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