People often have the misconception about minimalism. Minimalism isn’t about reducing what you have to nothing neither is it about having 5 T-shirts, 4 pants, and 2 pairs of socks.

The true essence of minimalism is to let go of the things that don’t matter to make space for what truly does.

Time is scarce. Attention is scarce. Worries are abundant. That’s life. Having too much is likely to cause a clutter and blockage of positive energy.

Without it, having to worry about our mess – bills, petty disagreements, emails, gossips, latest trends, etc. – we are bound for a life devoid of true meaning and happiness. After all, what will be left of us to contemplate, seek, and accept them with?

Minimalism can be integrated into our life. I don’t suggest an obsession with it. Life, itself, the only way to live it, must be lived, aligned with our purpose, goals and dreams.

“Don’t go through you entire life only to realize that you’ve forgotten to live.”

Joel Chua

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