The Power of Living In the Moment

We always hear “live in the moment, live in the moment”. But what does living in the moment exactly mean and how does it actually benefit us?

Mankind has discovered, and agreed, on the way to measure time. We do so by counting seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, and so on. One hour has 60 minutes and 1 minute has 60 seconds. We also have the term ‘moment’ which is defined vaguely in the dictionary as “a very brief period of time”.

We know that time is valuable. It is, in fact, the most valuable commodity in the world. After all, we can earn back the money we have lost but we can never recover the time that has passed us by. As the saying goes, the richest man has the same 24 hours as the poorest man. Thus, how each of us spend the time available to us is imperative to our success in whichever aspect of our life we prioritizes.

Coming back to the term “live in the moment”. Assuming you need to focus on a task for one minute, or 60 seconds, how many of those seconds will you be distracted and thinking about other things? Perhaps, 20 of those seconds? 30? Or even more? (I can see a little guilt on your face right now). As you can see, we are very easily distracted. When we’re supposed to work on a job, our mind will be constantly wondering about another job. If we are only spending less than half the allocated time truly focused on our work, it is obvious that the quality of our work will be at best, subpar.

Now, let’s try to explore a little deeper. Each second is made up of 1,000 milliseconds. How many of those milliseconds are you focused on your work on hand and how many of those milliseconds are being mindlessly wasted on distractions? Someone who has strong control over their mind will be able to focus 900 to 1,000 milliseconds per second whereas one who don’t may only be able to focus at most, just 10 percent of the time or less. The secret of successful people is that they are able to penetrate deep into every second, or every moment, in time. As for the rest, it seems like they are only able to skim the top of every moment before bouncing on to the next one.

Mindfulness is simple. It is work when you’re working and eat when you’re eating. We can practice mindfulness to increase our ability to control our mind and improve our ability to be in one with the moment. Spend some time, well, studying time. Most people don’t and they take them for granted. Only when you’re conscious of every moment given to you, you will truly appreciate them and spend them the best you can.

Not to be cynical, but I estimate that 99.9 percent of the people don’t really know or care about living in the moment. That is why happy and successful people are indeed a rare breed.

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