Success is Art

The secrets of success lie in us. After all, we’ve beaten a hundred million others to win the ultimate prize called Life.

You may have forgotten how hard you once swam and successfully fended off everyone else to cross the finishing line. Speed is not everything. Luck is crucial too. If you had arrived too late, you would have missed the boat. And if you had arrived too early, the boat wouldn’t have arrived yet and you would have literally perished there and then.

That is why it’s not unreasonable to think that we already have the skills and luck to be successful. Unfortunately, somewhere in between birth and becoming an adult, we find ourselves losing all our abilities and drive to fight for what we truly desire. We become obedient sheep, just quietly going through the daily routines and expectations the society had paved for us. Most of us never questioned ourselves why are we here? Not just as an entire human race, but as an individual as well.

Most people tiptoe their way through life, hoping they make it safely to death. – Earl Nightingale

I always believe success is an art. We don’t really need a 500-steps-to-success book. What we really need is a book that can show you how to tap into and activate the remaining 80 percent of you that have been lying hidden all this while.

After all, people who achieve success don’t wait for all the answers to be available before committing to their goals. If it’s something meaningful and important to them, they will pluck their courage, overcome the uncertainties, and simply charge ahead.

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