3 Mental Health Tips that Works

Recently, I have seen many people sharing on social media about how their mental health has taken a toll on them. Mental health is something that must never be taken lightly. In this post, I’d like to share with you 3 tips that have helped me improve my state of mind whenever I’m feeling not okay.

Personally, I do not find meditation helpful when I’m feeling down. It is almost impossible to meditate without even having to feel even more pain and anxiety. This is especially true for most people who are not habitual meditators.

When we’re in a poor state of mind, activities like reading and exercising don’t work as well.

So, what does?


Writing a journal is an unbelievably effective activity to relieve our pain and improve our mental health. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most underrated.

After all, people don’t write anymore. Write, digitally or physically, it doesn’t matter. Choose the method that suits you the most. My go-to is physical. The secret of journaling is that whenever we put our mind to paper, we are actually communicating with ourselves. We become clearer of our own thoughts.

Think about it, we talk to all kinds of people on a daily basis but we are constantly neglecting our own thoughts. We yearn for the understanding of others yet we don’t even realize that we really don’t understand ourselves at all.


When we’re feeling down, another helpful activity that we should try is to go out to nature.

Go to the park and breathe in the happy chemicals released by the trees. Hear the therapeutic chirps of the crickets and birds. Go to the beach and let the sound of the waves sweep away your troubles.

Most importantly, get out. Put a temporary distance between yourself and the places, people, and things, that are exactly causing you the stress and anxiety.

Talk to Someone

You should also consider talking to someone who you trust, like your siblings or your best friend.

These are usually the people who understand you the most and in such times, it’s imperative for us to be around people who are able to understand us and lend us their listening ears.

Always remember that your problems are temporary. They will go away over time and things will 100 percent get better.

Please share this with someone who you think might help.

Thank you

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