Phil Knight, Shoe Dog, Nike, and the “Crazy Dream”

Phil Knight had a “crazy dream”. He dream of selling running shoes. His crazy dream motivated him to fly to Japan to meet with Tiger Onitsuka’s executives to allow him to be a distributor in the US. Of course, that eventually led to the birth of one of the most beloved and popular companies in the world, Nike.

Phil Knight wasn’t always a success. He started off by selling encyclopedia and investment products. Obviously, that didn’t work out. Sometimes, not finding success doesn’t make you an immediate failure. Perhaps you just haven’t found what you’re destined to sell, as evident in the case of Phil Knight.

What you sell is often as important as how you sell. If you’re selling something that you don’t believe in, it’s hard to find any joy and meaning if you are to continue to do so. And if you aren’t able to find any joy and meaning in doing something, it’s hard for you to be sustain your efforts.

Do you have a crazy dream? If you do, great! Acknowledge it. Just do it (pun intended). Does it scare you? It should. Fear is a sign of what you have in mind is something that’s worth doing. Crazy people allow their crazy dreams to inspire them to take crazy actions, and it is their crazy actions that will lead them to achieving crazy success.

Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s straightforward, inspirational, and written by one of the most successful entrepreneur ever. Definitely, one that I highly recommend.

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