4 Motivational Books that Changed My Life

I am an avid reader of motivational books. Initially, I began reading to increase my motivation level. But eventually, I fell in love with the idea of discovery. To discover the things that we don’t know about our mind yet. To unlock what is just there, right in us, yet we don’t even realize.

Reading motivational books is all about finding how to expand our minds and our beliefs. Learning new and inspiring ways to breakthrough is so important to achieving a successful and meaningful life. The art that I’ve invested in is all about discovering breakthrough methods and success is just the practical application of it.

Escape the gravity of conventionality, conquer the boundaries of possibilities. Only then, we can become successful, regardless if the success we desire is big or small. I truly believe that books are full of energy. That is why they are able to make such huge impacts on people’s lives. Here are four that have made a huge impact on mine.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki)

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is probably the most popular modern-day motivational/wealth book today. It has sold more than 32 million copies since it was published in 2002.

The book is about what Robert’s “rich dad” and “poor dad” taught him about money and becoming wealthy. I love how Rich Dad, Poor Dad teaches us about net worth, assets, and liabilities in a simplistic manner. As important as they are, it is funny that these topics are often neglected in our school’s curriculum.

And my favorite lesson? Rich people acquire assets. Poor people acquire liabilities.

The 10X Rule (Grant Cardone)

The idea of 10X is that the best way to succeed is to amplify your goals by 10 times.

Big goals are exciting, inspiring, and worth acting on. On the other hand, small goals, even when achieved, continue to keep you deprive.

Grant Cardone personifies the idea of thinking big and is someone who I respect a lot because he is one of a few who always backs up his words with actions and results.

The Power of Self-Confidence (Brian Tracy)

The reason why most people are heavily lacking in self-confidence is that they are not living in congruence with their purpose in life.

Unfortunately, most people don’t even know what their purpose in life is. This is sad because our purpose is the most important thing to us.

You simply can’t live a happy and meaningful life if you don’t know your purpose so start finding it now.

The Aim for the Moon Mindset

Of course, a book that’s written by me has to be on my personal list of “4 Motivational Books that Changed My Life”.

I was always a lost dude just trying to find a direction in this world. While doing so, I made some priceless discoveries on how to turn nothing into something. And that’s what helped inspire me to write the Aim for the Moon Mindset.

The Aim for the Moon Mindset is not a concept that most people are able to agree with readily. After all, I believe that the idea of aiming for the moon can sometimes appear to be over-intimidating, hyperbolical, and unrealistic.

But aren’t successful people like that? They do crazy things and achieve crazy results. They think and do what others are afraid of and that’s why they are successful.

I believe that the primary focus for most people should not be to avoid doing things that may seem too crazy but to be willing to do them instead.

Do you read motivational books? What are your favorites?

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