Journaling Tip for Success

Writing a journal helps us to keep our focus on the things we need to do every day. In our stressful, occupied, and distracted days, we tend to put our goals and dreams to the back of our mind and at the end of the day, we simply forget about them. This is exactly why most people end up unsuccessful and average at best.

Ideally, we should write three times a day.

We should write once the moment we wake up. Write what you want to accomplish for the day. Write about your goals and dreams. Your ideas and inspirations. Start your day positive.

Write once in the afternoon to ensure that your morning has been aligned with what you have set out to achieve. If it hasn’t been what you have planned to, ask yourself why? Then quickly realign yourself back.

Finally, write once at night, around the time when you hit the hay. Recap your day. How has it been? Did you accomplish what you have set out to accomplish? Do you feel accountable to yourself? Give yourself a score of 1 to 10.

Do you journal? Share with me your journaling ideas and experiences.

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