Haters Don’t Succeed

Buddha once said, “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” This applies to hate as well.

Hating requires an enormous amount of energy. People who constantly engage in hating will usually end up not having any left to pursue their goals and dreams

Famous entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker, Seth Godin said that most people do one of the three – they either react, respond, or initiate. The hardest is to initiate. Leaders and successful people take initiative. They are proactive. While most people would choose to avoid a certain problem, these people will jump on them.

The second hardest is to respond and the easiest, which most people do, is to react. Haters are highly reactive. They can easily detect a person, a matter, a news topic, an idea, etc., worthy of their hate. But to love? Give acceptance? Not so. When we are reactive, we become susceptible to doing things that we will regret later on.

Successful people are always in control of themselves. The same can’t be said for haters. Rather, they are prone to be controlled by their circumstances. Hate is a negative emotion and given a choice, we will choose not to be hateful.

Hate can be a motivation but it must never be the reason for your success in life. Do you hate your current predicament? Great! Go ahead and use it to motivate you to get yourself out of it. But ultimately, love should be the reason.

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