3 Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Productivity is super important to you on your path to success. When you are productive, you produce not just more in terms of quality, but also in quantity. When you are able to produce more, you are able to touch more people and that is what will bring you the success that you desire so strongly.

Here are 3 ways to help you boost your productivity.


If you wish to be productive, Focus is something that’s of paramount importance. In other words, you cannot be productive if you are not focused, 100 percent guaranteed.

If you are not focused, you will be distracted easily by your surroundings. If you are expected to complete ten tasks within a certain period of time, you may end up only completing just five. As the author of the Aim for the Moon Mindset, I say it is okay if you can’t accomplish all the goals you have set out to accomplish if they are too high or because you have truly done your best, but it is not okay if the problem is that you have a poor sense of focus.

Start by removing anything that can distract you. Remove your mobile phone (if your work doesn’t require it). Remove the junk food that is always looking like they are begging you to consume them. Or even (tactically) remove the people that are constantly interrupting you from your work.


Unless all your tasks are of equal importance, you must always prioritize them. List them down. When you list them down, which tasks are more important, which tasks should be done and get over with quickly, all these will become clear as crystals.

Successful people always prioritize. There’s no such thing as first-in-first-out or picking random tasks to be done. This way of operating will always impede our path to a higher level of productivity and success.


People who are highly productive (and highly successful) didn’t achieve that because of a one-time effort. They are able to achieve high productivity because they have already picked up the habit of achieving high productivity through constant repetition of production-inducing activities.

Nobody is born to achieve high productivity. You have to strive to achieve more, learn how to optimize your time, be willing to stop moaning and complaining about problems and spend the time on resolving them. That’s how you succeed. That’s how you can achieve a higher level of production.

What other methods do you use to boost your productivity?

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