Say ‘Yes’ All the Time

Successful people say ‘yes’ all the time. Yes, ALL THE TIME.

On the other hand, average and unsuccessful people say ‘no’. They say ‘no’ to anything too frightening, too challenging, or too expensive.

You see, when you say ‘no’, you shut your doors to not just problems, but opportunities as well. You subconsciously tell your mind that it is more important to be safe than to prosper. However, when you say ‘yes’, you invite opportunities in. Yes, sometimes, problems will come knocking on your door as well but that’s fine. After all, successful people see problems differently from average people. To successfully people, problems are money. And the bigger the problems, the more money there is to be gained.

If you want to become successful, start to learn how to say ‘yes’ all the time. Even if there are really times where you have to say ‘no’, don’t just relent to the situation. Consider if there are any possibilities of saying ‘yes’. And even after doing so, you still decide that you still have to say ‘no’, then instead of saying ‘no’, say ‘yes’ to saying ‘no’.

Successful people are just a little defiant in that sense.

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