Squid Game

The currently trending Squid Game is already the most watched show in Netflix history.

But do you know that its creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, actually came up with the idea in 2008? Squid Game’s script itself was rejected for 10 years. He was living with his mother and grandmother. And he had to sell his laptop for $675 for survival. Personally, this resonated with me as I had to sell my stuff some years back in similar fashion.

You see, Squid Game is unique. It’s crazy. And crazy ideas take a while for people to appreciate. Just like when Phil Knight started selling shoes, he had a crazy idea too. He was told that the world doesn’t need another pair of running shoes. And it is his through his perseverance, today we have Nike.

And we’ve seen so many examples of how people managed to become something from nothing through hardwork and determination. Walt Disney, The Beatles, Sylvester Stallone, Colonel Sanders, Thomas Edison, Psy, Madonna, and President Lincoln.

Sometimes success come quickly. Sometimes it doesn’t. In the case of Hwang Dong-Hyuk, it took him more than 10 years to taste the sweetness of success.

As for you, it is time to start working. Acknowledge your crazy idea. Better to be late than never. Action is more important than perfection. And remember, regardless of what others say, writing a bad book will always be better than writing no book.

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