Wild Animals vs Zoo Animals

If given a choice, would you choose to be a wild animal or a zoo animal?

A wild animal is free. It can choose to roam its habitat freely. It can choose to hunt whichever food they feel like having. But wild animals are constantly exposed to the danger of the elements. Droughts, floods, predators, famine, rivals, etc.

A zoo animal is well fed, well sheltered, but lack of any meaning in life.

Most people are like zoo animals. Similarly, they are well fed, well sheltered and also lacking in any meaning in their lives. Think about it, most of us accept a barely acceptable job, a barely acceptable income, in order to get through our barely interesting day to day lives.

If you truly desire to live a meaningful life, there’s no question which you should choose. Only by living in alignment with your purpose you will be able to find major success, meaning, and happiness in life.

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