Loved Ones

I’m really, really fortunate. Why do I say that? Because at present, all my loved ones are well and healthy.

What motivated me to write this entry? I realized that we are so busy in our lives, about everything else, that we forget to be grateful. We forget to be contented about what we already have, even though we still have things that we haven’t yet achieve.

How often do you pause for a moment to be grateful about the people that are still around you? When was the last time you did that? I won’t be surprised if the answer is ‘never’.

The reality is someday, these people will leave you and sadly, that is a guaranteed. And that would surely bring a lot of regrets. You would have wished that you have said something to them, done something for them, or simply, just be grateful for them. So, think about what are the things you can do now to reduce the regrets you will have when the days really come.

Our loved ones are really important people in our lives. We know that but most people don’t know why is that so. Our loved ones have the capabilities to help us activate the power of love within us. Love is a superpower. It can move us from an inactive state to an active one. It can influence us to make massive sacrifices, and that could even include our own lives. Love can motivate us to climb the highest of mountains. Love can start and end wars. Love can take us to the moon and back. Love can make us do stupid things. Love can make us do crazy things. Love can make us kind or it can make us evil. Love can turn dreams into realities. Love can turn repeated failures into massive success. Love can make us work harder in the hopes to provide a better future for our loved ones. Love simply makes things more meaningful in life. Most people underestimate the power of love. Their only perception of love is what they see in films like Twilight and The Notebook, but when the fairy tale ends and real life kicks in, they become lost and wonder why love is so much different from what they have always imagined.

Who can we blame? After all, love isn’t a topic that is being taught in school. Sadly, I see more people abusing the love that they have the privilege of receiving. Most people exploit the love their loved ones give to them, to help them attain superficial things in their own lives. That is, unfortunately, a great waste and misuse of love.

What does love means to you? How can you use love as a motivation to take you to greater heights? How can you use love to bring more happiness and meaning into your life?

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