An Employee

Is there anything wrong with wanting to remain as an employee? No, no, no. There are so many meaningful and highly paid jobs in our society. So, what’s the problem?

The problem happens when people who do not want to remain as an employee, continue to remain as one. The problem is when people who wants to get out of their current employment status, but find themselves stuck, usually due to their financial obligations, which I find is one of the saddest thing that can happen to anybody that is full of ambitions and creativity.

Around the world, there are just too many people belonging to the latter. They are stuck for so long that most of them have even resigned to fate. They have given up the idea of getting out of being just an employee. If given a choice, who would like to have to ask for permission from their bosses if they do not wish to work on certain days and time? If given a choice, who would want to go to office five days a week, 52 weeks a year?

Life is too meaningful to be lived in this manner. How hard we work, how long we work, should be determined by the level of passion we have in us. Our work should be guided by our own responsibility towards the people who are counting on it. Work should not be spending eight or nine hours a day in our cubicles. Work should be working one hour if you think is enough, or working 24 hours if you could.

But is this even possible? Of course! The dream of doing something that you find deep meaning and passion can become a reality in the future only if you start to become serious about your life, finding out about your true purpose, and working long and hard to ensure that whatever success you desire comes true.

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