Work is sacred. It is a channel for us to inspire others and make people’s lives better. It is a way to allow us to bring value to others. Without work, the meaningfulness of life will decrease quite drastically.

Unfortunately, most people see their work as a burden and just a mean of getting a paycheck to pay their bills. Else, how do you explain the existence of TGIF?

Work does not mean the conventional 8 to 5 job that most people are engaged in. It can also be your own work. Your art. Your business. That thing you do that you’re so passionate about and also build an income from.

It is not about your 8 to 5, but your 5 to 8. Do you work anytime during your “5 to 8”? When you do, it means that nobody is “forcing” you to work. You work on your own accords. And that is doing it right. Do you do your work on Saturday and Sunday, while everyone is spending their time on leisure and entertainment? If you do, great.

When we are capable of working during those non-conventional work hours, it is a proof that we are doing something that is really meaningful to us. And we must continue to do it.

I hope that someday, you will be happily unemployed. You need to ask yourself what do you love to do. And slowly work towards building it so great that someday, you will have the liberty to let your “full-time job” go.

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