Should You Work When You Don’t Feel Like Working?

The answer is yes.

No matter how motivated we are, there will surely be times where we feel a little sluggish. And we just don’t feel like getting up to work.

But you should. Firstly, because it is at such times your work become valuable. You may not feel like you are going to produce anything good, but that’s okay. Your priority here isn’t to create your best work. Yes, give your best, like always. But your best today may be different from your best yesterday, and your best yesterday may be different from your best the day before.

It is only when you face resistance, you can test your own resilience. It is only when you encounter obstacles, you have an opportunity to see and understand yourself better, and also you can produce a different kind of result that you usually does.

Don’t let you, yourself, stop you.

When you don’t feel like working, push yourself to do so. That is the best way to shock yourself and also the best way for you to grow.

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