When you are working on your success, you know that you should feel highly motivated and inspired. You should be full of energy and going at full speed.

But there will be times you where you wake up feeling lethargic. At times like these, you will feel as if you don’t have any energy to fly. You will feel so unmotivated to even run or walk.

This is where you need remember that you still can crawl. We don’t always need to fly, run, or walk. Don’t underestimate the power of crawling. When we crawl, we are showing defiance. We are defying not our enemies, but own self.

And that is powerful because it is often us stopping ourselves from success. It is often us telling ourselves that it’s too difficult or it’s okay to start tomorrow. “Yesterday, you said tomorrow. – Nike

If you can’t push yourself for 10 hours, how about trying for 5? Too tedious? How about 1? Or even half an hours or 15 minutes? Don’t underestimate what we can accomplish with 15 minutes.

Regardless, you need to win. You need to overcome challenges, not succumb to them. And if you can do so, you are on the right track to success.

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