3 Things We Must Do If We Want to Be Successful


Work can mean your conventional full-time job or your “side” job.

Most people see work as just a mean to earning a paycheck. But it is more than that. Work is a channel for us to spread our value to improve the lives of others.

And here’s the formula to success: The more value we bring to others, the more successful we become.


When you say you have no time to exercise, it simply shows that you have all your priorities wrong.

Exercise is mostly not fun. Even if we don’t exercise, the consequences will not arise overnight. It take years, or even decades. But the fact is this, it will come.

As the saying goes “health is wealth”. Successful people get their priorities right. And keeping themselves fit is right up there.


9 out of 10 successful people read. It is a common belief that the average CEO reads 60 books a year.

The act of reading a book is, itself, a form of meditation. Reading is the process of transferring knowledge and wisdoms from others to ourselves. If we don’t read, how can we build depth in ourselves? From Johnny’s tweet or your aunt’s Facebook post?

Think about it, if you can’t even go through 300 pages, how are you going to put yourself through the challenges of becoming successful?