4 Things You Must Invest In to Be Successful

Warren Buffett once said that the best investment is on ourselves. Here’s 4 things that you must invest in if you desire to become successful in life.


There was once I ate all the delicious but unhealthy food. Why? Because they are the cheapest. Cheap and delicious, why not, right? But have you ever thought why can delicious food be cheap?

Logically, they should be expensive, isn’t it? You see, delicious food can be cheap because of the salt, sugar, and all kinds of chemicals they pour into your meals. What happened when you eat them? You gain weight. You become tired easily.

And worst of all, you continue to become reliant, and even addicted, to cheap, unhealthy, yet delicious food.


Average people believe that they should acquire the skills only when they get the opportunities. On the other hand, successful people believe that they should acquire the skills first before opportunities will come.

Skills can be attained through various ways. We can read about how to attain skills. We can attend courses and seminars. Or we can even attain them through participating in physical trainings like on-the-job trainings or internships.

Some people regard a $30 book as a waste of time while others may see them as a treasure to inspiring them to earn $3 million more.


There are so many forms of investments in this day and age – stocks, cryptocurrencies, real estates, commodities, etc.

Of course, the happiest thing about investing in investments is to achieve a fat return. But the most overlooked part about investing is that it teaches us on about decision-making, cause and effect, and delayed gratification.

I always believe that anyone can invest $1. If you do not even have a dollar invested, you can’t really say that you have no money to invest.


Work refers to your work. The kind that provides a monetary return of some sort. It could be your employment or your business. Or perhaps it could refer to your blog, if you are a blogger; art, if you are an artist; video channel, if you are a YouTuber, etc.

You should be actively looking for help from others or from technology to help you scale your work.