Investment Losses

Perhaps the biggest fear for most people who don’t invest is the fear of losing their money.

But how many people who don’t invest actually save the money? The money will be lost anyway. Losing to junk food and entertainment. People tend to not see wasting money on meaningless or unnecessary expenses as a form of wastage.

Money is lost not after we invested, but before we do. How can that be?

Money is not lost when the stock crashes. In fact, it is lost the moment you chose the “wrong” investment. Nobody makes 100% winning investments, not even Warren Buffett. It is through following a robust set of principles, one can hope to make more right decisions than wrong ones.

Making money is not whether you invest or not. Or even if you invest correctly or not. Making money happens only at the point where you finally decide to get serious about it. Once that happens, investing and investing correctly becomes just a formality.