When we talk about exploring, we usually think of going to adventurous places like out to the ocean, into the jungle, on to mountains, and even out of space. We think of famous explorers like James Cook, Christopher Columbus, George Mallory, Roald Amundsen, Edmund Hillary, and the Apollo 11 astronauts – Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins.

But we tend to forget that exploration can also include exploring our mind. Think about it, our mind is virtually the size of the universe. Don’t you agree that the things we know are so shallow? There are still so many parts of our mind that are still unexplored and discovery of these unknown parts can lead you to immense wealth in life – monetarily and spiritually.

What should you explore?

Things that you find great meaning and passion in.

Everyday is a new day for us to expand a little. Everyday, ask yourself, what have you gained today? If the answer is nothing, then that is such a pity. Even if it is a little, trust me, it will be worth it.