How Many Hours Should You Work?

It’s not about the number of hours. Of course, the more time we invest into our work, theoretically, the more we will get out of it.

But the problem with hours counting is we find ourselves practicing the very thing we discourage.

Successful people are paid for the value they provide, not so much by the number of hours they work. On the other hand, average people are paid hourly, that is why they are so particular about how long they work.

We are all grown-ups. We should not need to be told how many hours we need to work in order to be considered productive.

Also, counting the hours can take the fun and meaning out of our work, which can be detrimental to its sustainability.

If you can work 24 hours, go ahead. But if the most you can fork out is a couple a day, then make sure that the amount of work you put into those two matters.

In another words, let your work be driven by your purpose and motivation, and not by the clock. If something is meaningful to you, you will automatically put in the adequate amount of time into it.

At the end of the day, you answer to no one but yourself.