Learning At Your Own Pace

Learning at our own pace (LAOP), is a fantastic alternative to learning, if you do not like to learn from the more conventional methods available, such as attending a course.

I personally do not like to attend a course. I have been discouraged far too many times. Attending a course is good, but for people like me, someone who is extremely particular about the course structure and the teacher, the wrong match could cause me to hate what I love.

The best thing about LAOP is that you do not have anyone to tell you what you can and what you can’t do. It is like art. It is free and enjoyable. You can take your own sweet time, which could mean a decade or a week. Do you need to learn a new skill within a certain timeframe? If yes, then go ahead. If not, decide whether do you want to or not.

Often, instructors have a curriculum to obey. If you are unable to catch up, it is your fault. Sadly, there should be no fault at all to what we choose to learn. The best, of course, is to learn within a given time frame.

But if that causes extreme stress to the students and result in a drastic decrease of interest to the subject, I rather they take a longer time to learn than to end up giving up learning altogether.