Keep Moving to Survive

Success often comes to those who are just there.

Just there doesn’t mean lucky. It means that you have worked hard before everyone and when the time comes to be rewarded, you just happened to be the one who is there.

Like Zoom, in January 2020, before covid-19, their share price was hovering around $75. By October the same year, they have reached $559. The covid-19 has forced many people to work from home. And that has resulted in a major boom for their video conferencing business.

Covid-19 should also be a clear lesson that change is the only constant. Those who fail to innovate fast enough will be, if not already, doomed.

It is unimaginable for any businesses today to not use social media, online store, and other technology tools in their operation.

It is quite evident that those who just rely solely on the traditional brick and mortar model will not be able to survive, especially during this arduous time.