Needs or Wants

Needs based selling is overrated. There’s still a market for it but we shouldn’t become so fixated on needs that we neglect our audience of their wants.

Why can’t we sell on wants?

Dreams aren’t needs. Dreams are wants. Needs are for survival. Wants are what make life meaningful.

Becoming massively successful is a need or want? It’s debatable but for me, it’s a need. It is compulsory. Others may argue that it’s a want and I respect that and I’m not going to argue about it.

Human desires are very real. It’s when people’s wants are met, they feel happy. And that’s what brings me the most satisfaction to come out of a deal knowing that my customers are happy and better off than before.

Fulfilling just needs will very quickly return people to their original deprived state once those needs begin to wear off.