I wake up at 5.50am every Saturday and Sunday. I brush my teeth, make my coffee, and begin writing at 6.

TBH, like my inspiration, Michelangelo, I don’t like to reveal my activities, especially before my work is completed.

But if you bother to turn up here to read my posts, then it is my pleasure to update you on some of my plans (if you are interested to know).

I am currently writing a book. Writing a book can be quite a challenging activity to devote oneself to.

It’s a long term project. Some authors take weeks, some take months, and some take years to write a book.

I am able to start writing before sunrise because it is something I love and something that I find a lot of meaning doing.

It’s also not a choice. It’s probably the most peaceful time I have in a week.

People may think that I am super disciplined but I’m actually not.

I encourage you to find something that you love to do and you can devote to. Those kind of things that you are willing to wake up at 6am for.

Perhaps it’s to work on your art. Or your blog. Fitness related activities. Your business. Engaging with your customers and social media followers. Helping to provide answers and solutions to people in Quora. Or perhaps just reading and learning and building your foundation. Or if excelling in your full-time job is your priority, you can even use your 6am’s to get a couple of more things done.

Successful people use whatever resources they have to achieve what they want. Average people continue to remaining average because they continue to set unnecessary roadblocks for themselves which prevent them from becoming successful.