There was once in time that I felt bored much of the time. I would walk around my house aimlessly, trying to find something meaningful to do.

Meaningful, back then, simply means fun. It doesn’t even really refer to something that’s really meaningful.

Now, time is a precious commodity to me. I appreciates it and wish I had more.

What changed?

I guess age has played a part. Realizing that I’m a little older now, with lesser time left, I have woken up to the fact that I need to do something about my life.

Purpose too. Living most of my life without purpose has made me realized that I am shortchanging no one else but myself.

Find your purpose. Ignore what others say. Michelangelo spent 2 years in isolation creating David out of a giant block of marble, often without food, water, rest, and any fanfare.

Use all the time you have to build something so valuable that the world will thank you for for generations to come.